Sarah Burns

Digital Manager
Sarah Burns
As digital manager, Sarah Burns is dedicated to ensuring client brands gain social media and web traction. Whether establishing a new online presence or enhancing existing social media accounts, she focuses on strategic implementation to increase audiences and engagement for clients across platforms. Her expertise lies not only in identifying the right people to engage with and how to engage them, but in tracking the effectiveness of her campaigns using top measurement tools. As the agency’s in-house designer, she develops visually striking print and digital content. Sarah executes marketing strategies with a thorough understanding of consumer behavior and industry trends.

Sarah previously worked as the graphic design and marketing specialist for Celtic Testing Experts, where she was part of a team that led overall marketing efforts and initiatives for the company. Burns managed all aspects of the company’s social media efforts, graphic design projects and website presence to increase brand awareness.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in new media arts from Kennesaw State University.