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Waterhouse Public Relations is a full-service public relations firm in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

We integrate proven traditional methods and digital innovation to provide a personalized public relations strategy for each client. Our integrated services are more efficient, influential and valuable to our clients than ever before. As a result, our clients' success stories are impactful and engaging.

We are passionate about our clients and helping them exceed their goals. We “go to the mat” for our clients at any hour of any day. With our around-the-clock policy, we are always within reach. Don’t believe us? Ask our clients.

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In today’s climate, opinions and rumors travel at the speed of a mouse click. Emotions erupt at a moment’s notice. Reputations are destroyed in a matter of minutes. People are easily swayed by public opinion.

How do you make an impression that counts? How do you continue to grow the brand you have worked so hard to establish?

You need a strategic partner; one who understands the sensitive and diverse culture in which we live. You need someone who knows how to listen, shape perception and make lasting impressions. You need a partnership that is anchored by experience and trust. 

You deserve a partner that will guide you through the inevitable peaks and valleys of business. Let Waterhouse Public Relations help you make Impressions That Count.