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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — A Tennessee organization hopes to educate the community about a state hotline and its purposes to help human trafficking victims.

Thursday, Second Life Tennessee launched Eyes Up. The campaign focuses on creating greater public awareness about the Tennessee Human Trafficking Hotline. Eyes Up will provide businesses and other organizations throughout the region with the resources and tools to know how to best utilize the hotline, as well as recognize the signs of human trafficking. 

“Trafficking goes on in every county in our country every day,” said Second Life CEO Jerry Redman. “Education may not seem exciting, but it’s the foundation of ensuring those 33 arrests happen every day.”

Second Life Tennessee will establish partnerships with local businesses and other organizations to educate managers and employees about the signs of human trafficking and characteristics a victim may display.

“Most cases of human trafficking unfold in the community. Citizens may notice something is wrong, but they’re unsure of how to step in,” said Redman. “The issue of trafficking is created at the community level. Therefore, both the responsibility and opportunity to fight trafficking are at the community level, as well.”

The Tennessee Human Trafficking Hotline (1-855-558-6484) is monitored around the clock by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.