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If your cocktail vocabulary consists of shaken, not stirred, STIR is ready to mix up your next mixed drink with their consistently perfect ice. "The ice is denser and purer so it melts slower," partner Jamie Walton says. "We use different shapes and styles to have the correct delusion rate for alcohol."

This pure ice starts in Stir's kitchen where water freezes in a cooler, until Walton removes what makes ordinary ice, well ordinary. " We take off the last layer of the water. That's where all the impurities are."

When the temperature is right, the block is boosted and the cut commenced. Each square becomes a custom shape for the cocktails that celebrate a time gone by. "The movement of craft cocktails is definitely trending upward and we are one of only 15 places in the country actually doing the ice," Walton says.

One of the most unique shapes is the ice sphere, made for the most classic of cocktails: the old-fashioned. But whether it's shaved, crushed, or sphered, Stir hopes that your happy hour sip, leaves a unique taste for their Southside space. "It's really been great to come to a town, our hometown, and add value and hopefully be a cornerstone to that community."

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