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Forty eight units of blood were collected Monday during the 1st annual “Spring into Action” Blood Assurance Blood Drive in a battle for bragging rights between public safety and elected officials versus the DeKalb County School System.

By the end of the blood drive, the public safety and elected officials claimed victory with 32 donations made on behalf of them versus 16 credited to the school system.

“The blood drive was a great success. In comparison to the one we conducted prior to Christmas we exceeded those numbers and collected 48 donations today. I accepted this challenge as a way to help others with medical conditions, sickness and injuries requiring the daily need of blood. As healthy individuals we sometime take for granted what a gift blood donation is and what it does for so many,” said DeKalb County Clerk James L. (Jimmy) Poss, who sponsored the event.

“Many of our family members have been affected by Cancer, Leukemia, Burns, Trauma, low iron, etc. all requiring blood transfusions. It’s great having a Blood Assurance office in Cookeville that services DeKalb and other upper Cumberland areas as priority. For me that’s an added bonus of working knowing your efforts are assisting those here at home and around us,” said Poss

“The idea behind the title “Spring Into Action” was an attempt to create a friendly competition between our elected officials, local fire, police, EMS, 911 Dispatch, Rescue Squad and educators including the complete staff of our school system who all “Spring Into Action” providing service to our children and families daily by the career path each has chosen,” he continued.

“Thank you to Ms. Pam Redmon, Director of the Senior Citizens Center. Her hospitality, participation and use of their facilities has been a factor in the success of both blood drives I have sponsored. I want to thank each department head in spreading the word and thank you to each individual who took the time to donate. Many had to wait for various reasons, but most waited and the people receiving your donation greatly appreciates your gift and time,” Poss said.

“We did have a few who either chose not to wait or had prior obligations. Nevertheless it was an overall success. We aimed to keep the wait as minimal as possible and this is an area I’ll work on more for future drives. At the end of the drive we had 32 give on behalf of public safety and elected officials and 16 toward DeKalb County School system. Also, I want to say “Thank You” to both WJLE and the Smithville Review for the exposure, time and effort given for this cause,” Poss concluded.