When the stakes are high, you'll want us by your side.

Crisis Communications

When your reputation is challenged, Waterhouse Public Relations will protect you and your company or organization.


If your company holds sensitive data for clients and customers, you’re at risk of a data breach. We’ll help you prepare, protect and respond to an incident from a public relations perspective.

Employee/Stakeholder Relations

Our team understands the importance of employee and stakeholder relations. We are prepared to help you craft messaging and a communications plan when it matters most.

Focus Groups

Our sophisticated focus group technology allows you to quietly gauge community insight and perceptions in real-time.

Market Research

We continuously research the challenges and changes facing your industry to help you put your best foot forward.

Media Awareness Training

Being prepared for a media interview is essential to the reputation and public perception of your brand. Our deep understanding of the Chattanooga and surrounding markets will help you feel confident in any situation.


Waterhouse Public Relations is proud to support political campaigns and organizations that align with our morals and ethics as a company and individuals.

Reputation Management

Opinions and rumors travel at the speed of a mouse click. You need someone who knows how to listen, shape perception and make lasting impressions.

“The vision and expertise Waterhouse Public Relations bring to the table are tremendous assets to Urban Story Ventures. We highly recommend this full-service agency to any individual or business in need of efficient and effective communications and outreach strategies.”

Jill Allen
Chief Operating Officer, Urban Story Ventures

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