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Second Life of Chattanooga has just been awarded a federal grant to help hire trauma-trained therapists for survivors of human trafficking.

Because of the intense fear and victimization that human trafficking survivors may experience, special therapists may be needed to help victims work past these experiences, officials said. 

“We understand that supporting human trafficking survivors through physical and psychological healing is essential to empower them to pursue a positive future for themselves and re-enter the community,” Second Life of Chattanooga CEO Jerry Redman said in a prepared statement. “Being able to hire community-based trauma therapists is a necessary step forward for the Greater Chattanooga area, and we hope to be able to expand the number of victims we service over time.”

The grant was awarded by the Victims of Crime Act through the Office of Criminal Justice Programs and is the first of its kind to reach the Chattanooga area.

Funding for the grant comes from the Crime Victims Fund, a repository of federal criminal fines, forfeitures and special assessments. This fund does not include tax dollars.

Second Life of Chattanooga is a nonprofit organization that focuses on ending human trafficking in Greater Chattanooga and Southeast Tennessee.

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