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Marion County’s Jasper Highlands is in its third phase of development, which means about 250 new lots are coming to the housing development. 

“We’re creating a full-service community on Jasper Mountain with the installation of our own water system, roadways, volunteer fire department and high-speed fiber internet; and now we’re offering a range of family-friendly conveniences that will enhance our residents’ way of life that much more,” Jasper Highlands owner/developer and Thunder Enterprises CEO John Thornton said in a prepared statement. 

The addition of the 250 lots will bring the development to a total of 700 lots, and in addition to that, developers are also working on a new communal and retail area called The Village.

The focus on amenities is becoming more of a priority now that about 40 homes are either built or under construction. Jasper Highlands expects that number to be closer to 100 by the end of 2017.

In addition to The Village, which will feature a market, fitness center, café, bakery and more, there will also be a 6-acre community park.

Homeowners will also have on-site access to two swimming pools, dog park, tennis court and climbing wall, among other amenities, as part of the upcoming Inspiration Park installation.

On the western side of Jasper Mountain, residents have a front-row seat to a 100-foot-plus waterfall.

A fully stocked community lake added to a 5.95-acre community lot in the River Bluffs section of the development will provide another spot for swimming.

These additions are the latest in a string of developments over the past several years on Jasper Mountain that have played a role in sparking nearly 30 percent home growth in Marion County, according to a news release. 

Tax information released by the Marion County government shows that more than $250,000 can be attributed directly to Jasper Highlands’ property owners that hail from 37 U.S. states, including Hawaii, and international residents who came from as far as Australia, according to a news release. 

“The growth we’ve seen at Jasper Highlands is a growth we’re seeing in the area as a whole, which is our ultimate aim here as we work to attract homebuyers from all over the world and in turn help boost Marion County’s overall economic outlook,” Thornton also said. 

Developers also expect Jasper Highlands to boost job creation.