This article was originally published on WRCB-TV online.

In June Hardwick Clothes in Cleveland, TN celebrated its 136-year anniversary. They are the oldest clothing manufacturer in the United States. That is just part of the reason NBC wanted Hardwick Clothes at the Rio Olympics on display for all the world to see.

NBC is sending a record 170 on-air commentators to the Rio Olympic games. All the men will have one thing in common, they’ll be sporting Hardwick Clothes.

Hardwick Clothes CEO Bruce Bellusci said “the NBC announcers, you’ve got some really powerful major players out there, they really loved the story of the company and they didn’t want special products made for them. They loved what we were doing, they loved the fit, the look of the garments and the details.”

The same product you’ll see on NBC in Rio can be bought at Hardwick Clothes in Cleveland.

As for that story that NBC fell in love with, “we’re the oldest tailor made clothing company in America, there’s only one of those,” said Chairman Allan Jones.

If not for Jones, Hardwick wouldn’t be open, much less in Rio. Jones bought the company a few years back while Hardwick was battling bankruptcy. Jones hired a few new power players and they’ve been re-branding since.

Bellusci, “we’re the oldest clothing manufacturer in the United States but we’re really a start-up on a great legacy. We’re a 135-year-old start-up. It’s a great honor to have NBC come in and see that.”

Hardwick’s relationship with NBC didn’t start with the Olympics. It started last fall — Hardwick supplied the clothing for Sunday night football and the NHL on NBC.

Bellusci, “to think this small company has NFL, NHL and the Olympics coming up. That’s pretty cool.”

From bankruptcy to the world’s stage, Hardwick’s top of the line material continues to make waves. All while staying true to what the company was built around

The people of Cleveland, Tennessee, “that’s the biggest sense of pride I have. I know Allan jones does. That’s why he bought the company. It’s a company, it’s a building, it’s product but it’s people. It’s all about our people. To see our people taking pride again. We had a lot of people been here 30, 40, 50 years. We have 3rd and 4th generation familys here,” said Bellusci.

In addition to the NFL, NHL and the Rio Olympics, Hardwick also struck a deal with all Notre Dame football games broadcasted on NBC.