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Chattanooga Women's Leadership Institute will host a three-part series called Women Know Finance: Financial Empowerment 101 April 20, April 27 and May 11.

The workshops will take place from 5 to 6:30 p.m. at The Patten Group, located at 832 Georgia Ave.

Financial Empowerment 101 is a new program offering recently added to CWLI's Women Know Finance series because of demand for financial planning education relevant to millennial leaders, as well as women of all ages, according to a news release. The series will help women understand the basics of budgeting, investing and retirement planning.

"With younger members joining our ranks at CWLI, we knew we needed to increase the variety of our programming to meet the needs of this membership demographic," committee co-chair and CWLI board member Melissa Woodall Curtis said in a prepared statement.

The first session is facilitated by Jennifer Harper, founder and director of Bridge Financial Planning LLC, and focuses on building a strong financial foundation with budgeting basics and financial literacy.

Session two is facilitated by Betsy Gibson, vice president of investments at Raymond James, and covers retirement planning and investing.

The third session is facilitated by Carol Hunter, president of Prosperity Unlimited, and is called "Things We Wish Our Mother Had Told Us." It provides an overview of often-overlooked aspects to financial planning, such as divorce. 

"Financial stability and independence is a critical component of leadership success and, when achieved, gives women the flexibility to make the best personal and career decisions, free from the issues that can arise from a lack of sound financial decision-making," Curtis said in a news release.

Financial Empowerment 101 sessions can be attended individually or as a full series and are $10 each for members and $15 for nonmembers. Programming for the Financial Empowerment series is led by Curtis of Woodall Agency Insurance and Lee Ann Adams of Gearhiser, Peters, Elliott & Cannon PLLC.

For more information about CWLI and to register for sessions, click here.