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The Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport started upgrading its parking revenue control equipment today.

Leaders said that visitors should be on the lookout for posted signs for guidance through the transition. 

“We are trying to create awareness of this project to help our customers exit our parking lots as easily as possible and to minimize customer confusion during this process,” President Terry Hart said in a prepared statement. 

Crews will be replacing all parking equipment, including ticket dispensers and pay machines inside the terminal and at the exit lanes, exit gates and gate arms.

The new machines dispense a different style of parking ticket that is not compatible with the old equipment, according to a news release. 

Customers who have the old ticket style should ask the parking attendant for assistance exiting the parking lots. 

The equipment replacement will be completed in phases, beginning in the intermediate parking lot. The entire project will take several weeks to finish.

“This project is going to make parking at the airport much more convenient for our customers with upgraded equipment and a mobile pay option,” Hart said. “We know our customers will be pleased with the ease of use associated with the new equipment.”

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