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You’re not a basic bride, so girls, don’t let your groom be anything but extraordinary on the big day either! Memories may fade, but pictures last forever, and you’ll both want to look back on those images one day thinking, “Dang, we looked good, didn’t we?” From finding the perfect fit to making all the little details count, here are 5 foolproof ways to ensure your groom’s wedding suit pops and is seriously on point, thanks to the CEO and co-founder of Brackish feather bow ties, Jeff Plotner.

1. Kick the neckwear up a notch

Whether you’re having a fancy black tie affair in a five-star hotel or an intimate bohemian wedding in an enchanted forest, a dapper bow tie (like Brackish’s Guinea or Original) that stands out from the crowd is a must. Don’t be afraid to play around with patterns and color, especially if you’re keeping the rest of your look fairly simple.

2. Put his feet first

Yes, grooms should splurge on a nice pair of shoes for the big day. Unlike you, he’ll actually be able to wear them again (to work) and get his money’s worth. “Plus, they’re not only crucial to his wedding look, but his overall comfort throughout the evening as well,” explains Plotner. Some of his favorite go-to brands for grooms include Edward’s Shoes and Billy Reid, especially for the Double Monk Straps, he says. While playful socks are fun peeking out in a few photos too, stick to the classics when it comes to wedding footwear and let the shoe’s elegant details speak for themselves.

3. Focus on the right fit

He didn’t settle for you (duh), so he def shouldn’t settle for an ill-fitting suit. As Plotner points out, a properly-tailored suit will look good at every angle, and that’s what counts. Pick the garment that fits best in the chest and shoulders, he advises, as tailors can’t do much in that department. Don’t worry, a knowledgeable associate at a reputable store should be able to point your groom in the right direction. Also, have him pay special attention to the sleeve and pant length once he’s made his pick. “If you want a custom look without custom prices, consider additional tapering through the body of the suit, coat and legs of the pants,” recommends Plotner. “Modern details like side vents and flat-front pants should be a given, and for the true clothing connoisseur, working suit sleeve buttonholes are always a nice touch.”

4. Make every detail count

Because it’s all in the details! Accent his look with a lapel pin or a pocket square for a subtle compliment to his suit or tux, suggests Plotner. “For example, our Plum Thicket Pins, which are often worn on the lapel, are created from wild plum thicket thorns that are foraged in the midlands of South Carolina, dried, and paired with hand selected feathers by our team of artisans.” Now, how’s that for unique?

5. Don’t hang the groomsmen out to dry

They’re a direct representation of your groom so you’ll want to make sure they’re dressed accordingly. For this reason, Plotner thinks rentals generally aren’t the best idea. “A black tux, navy or grey suit are traditional staples in every man’s wardrobe. Selecting one of these classic styles for the groomsmen to wear on the wedding day could potentially save them some dough or give them a good reason to make a stylish purchase with the future in mind.”